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Wanted Frame Output Transformer and other parts for RGD 'The 17' 405 line TV

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Further to my post of the other day regarding this TV, I believe the frame output transformer that I have in this set is of the wrong type. Therefore if anyone has another from a similar RGD or Regentone TV from the mid to late 50s this may be the right type. The scan coils are low impedance types of about 15 ohms dc resistance each and the frame output valve is a PCL83.

There are two other items missing from my example - the escutcheon which goes over the central frame hold, line hold and contrast controls and the top part of the LOPT enclosure - pretty unlikely anyone has these, but worth asking nevertheless. Images of these taken from the instruction manual are shown below.

Top of LOPT enclosure



Topic starter Posted : 08/06/2022 9:11 am