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Wanted Gresham Lyons 405-625line Valve Pulse & Bar Generator

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BBC Mobile control room MCR21
Our restoration project for the BBC Outside Broadcast Van is going well And we had it's first public outing at the Goodwood Revival Event.  View video of event.

This was most successful with a great many visitors showing great interest. However there is much yet to be done, and we still need to find a large number of items! If you are able to help.

One item is a valve pulse and bar generator made by Gresham Lyons. They was made in the early 1960s principally for the GPO to be used for evaluating video circuits. It was also used by the BBC and others.

It is a high quality item using valves and it could operate on 405 or 625 lines.

It was original equipment for the BBC's new fleet of OB vans ordered from Pye in 1963. We are restoring the 3rd of the 10 vans the BBC bought and would like to re-install one of these Gresham Lyons units if one can be found.

This forum has a wide and knowledgeable readership who may have seen these in the past.

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Topic starter Posted : 31/10/2021 10:56 am