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Radio New Member; Li-ion Battery Offer

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Just joined the group as I am a Hacker radio collector/restorer.I als have Li-ion battery packs I have to converted to work inside most Hackers.I can also fit them inside a PP9 case(4x18650 cells with balance/protection board)

If anyone is has experience similar please contact me.I have new battery packs that I use ie one pack with PP9

connector lead will fit inside a Hacker Super Sovereign and power it at 8 volts for ages(pack is 4000mAh similar to PP9 disposable at 4500 mAh)


Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2021 8:34 am
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Hi Simon, welcome to the forum.

It's hard to tell from your post, I take it you're offering a service to provide Li-ion battery solution to our members, but I take it not for free, out of the goodness of your heart 😉 

Therefore, could I please ask you to state what you would charge, inc postage for the solution. That way our members will be clear on your offer and if they wish to take you up on it. Though I think you may find most are of a technical level to produce one for themselves, but there's bound to be one or two who may not.

Many thanks.


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The "Hacker group" that used to be on Yahoo has now moved to Facebook, you may or may not find them interested. One of their founders is also a member here.

Posted : 26/04/2021 8:44 am
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I was just looking for some expert feedback off a member with more experience than me.I could send them a couple of packs/chargers and the PP9 leads I have made to see what they though?I only have Hacker radios so do they work/fit in other makes?

I do sell the packs already for heated jackets/Waistcoats for £19.50 on ebay.2x4000mAh packs 2x chargers so their quite cheap as two PP9's are £9.To use in a radio I have made dome leads with PP9 connectors attached.

The packs are also easy to reconfigure to fit into a PP9 case,I am just waiting for some leads to finalise my design.

You probably know Sovereign II RP25 owners generally have to rely on batteries as few have mains conversions.

Thanks Simon

Topic starter Posted : 02/05/2021 6:56 pm