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Wanted Rediffusion Reditune Cart; TP80 format

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can anyone help with locating a Reditune Cart for the TP80 Background music player as seen here.

This is what the tapes look like



Reditune was a division of Rediffusion in the UK, and produced background music systems for shops and workplaces.

It began producing music on Reditune tape cartridges that were very similar to the Fidelipac C-size cartridge, but by 1964, it had switched to a new endless-loop tape cartridge design. This  incorporating a capstan and capable of holding 4 hours of music across four tracks for machines such as the Reditune TP18A, TP48A and lastly the TP80. Like 8-Track cartridge, the players could automatically switch tracks.

The music on Reditune cartridges was produced within Rediffusion, and consisted of cover versions of popular tunes. Reditune dominated the market for background music in the UK, and was Europe’s largest background music operator. Subscribers to the Reditune service leased cartridges and could exchange them as often as required.

Eventually, Reditune switched to long-play Compact Cassettes and then to CD-BGM.

Courtesy of ‘Museum of Obsolete Media’.

Rediffusion Music’s extensive library of more than 20,000 selections is the result of many years’ study and research. Customers were offered a tailored choice of music.

Music Library

There must be some left in the world, surely.


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