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[Closed] Wanted: BRC2000 Chroma Board

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Hello all!

Im currently working on a BRC2000 (the HMV colourmasteir version). What a journey the set has been on since I acquired it. Unfortunately, one fault still remains that won't budge: Unlocked colour. I have tried every trick,Fault find  and every man and his dog has given me advice, but to no avail. I first suspected the burst gate was oscillator was running too slowly, which it was. I then set up the bridge balance etc... with the scope. The colours will start to lock, then become unlocked soon after. Also the colour killer line has to be manually disabled to get any kind of colour. The pulses coming from the LOP stages seem bob-on and healthy. 

So with a heavy heart, I'm putting out a "Plea" for a 2000 Chroma board. I would like to do the subsitiution method. If a replacement board works, I can compare it with the faulty one and hopefully fix it! If anyone has one, please let me know. Id be more than happy to send some "Beer vouchers" for it. 

Many thanks all!


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Unfortunately I have neither a board or a 2000 but i remember working on them and that there were 2 types of chroma board, A 131 and a 231, both interchangable but the setting up was different. Do you have the service manual with the set up for both of them because if not I know I will have it somewhere for sure.

Posted : 30/06/2020 10:28 am
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Posted by: @brcman2000

I have tried every trick,Fault find  and every man and his dog has given me advice, but to no avail.

Without wishing to be controversial, it would seem you must have posted about it and sought advice, everywhere but here! Personally, I find it less than appealing when folk never post here but find we're good enough to use when it comes to sourcing parts or data.

Posted : 30/06/2020 10:29 am
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@crustytv Hi Crusty, I usually ask friends in the community directly when I have questions regarding sets. I know i should post more on here, but I usually think people may get tired of my ramblings. 

Best Wishes 

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@jcdaze Hi, I do have the full factory service manual for the 2000, and its a work of art. Mine uses the later decoder. I think my 2000 being from 1969 is a rather late one. Helpful that its stamped inside! Also the delay line is dated 69. The decoder has defiantly been "Got at" in the past.

The set-up procedure is pretty straightforward with the scope and meter

Best wishes 


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