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[Closed] Wanted: N-Series VCR Tapes

Vrat Founder Admin
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I need a known good tape so I can reliably test an N1700 and know any faults presented are not tape related.

Therefore I'm looking to buy one or if possible two VCR tapes that are N1500/N1700 compatible, only proviso being they must have been stored well i.e dry, no mouldy ones or 'sticky shed' syndrome afflicted. 

All costs covered.

I am aware it is possible to improvise fitting VHS tape onto a cassette spool. Far from ideal and I'll only go down that route as a last resort.

Equally aware you can get the tapes on e-bay but at between £14-£18 for two inc delivery, of unknown quality, is an expensive risk and not at all a preferred option.

Topic starter Posted : 16/10/2018 11:12 pm
Vrat Founder Admin
Posts: 10843

Nobody out there using this tape format or nothing going spare? Guess I'll have to risk purchasing an e-bay tape.

Topic starter Posted : 19/10/2018 3:49 pm
Famed V-Ratter Registered
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Not seen a N1700 type tape for many years, hope you can find a good one.


Posted : 19/10/2018 3:53 pm