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What to do with over 200 Technical Wireless & TV Books

Brian Cuff
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I am trying to rationalise my book collection which means disposing of over 200 books, some fairly new reprints to others which are 1st editions from the 20s and 30s, I cannot be bothered to treat each book as an individual but I do not want to just dump the whole lot on someone!

What to do?

1.         I have an Excel spread sheet of the collection which can, of course, be sorted in various ways to ascertain what books are in the collection.However, This does then mean that the books have to be almost individually dealt with!

2.         Find a specialist bookshop which will offer to purchase the lot - how much to a dealer?

As the books have not been sorted en route to the boxes, Perhaps it is time to arrange them in lettered boxes suggesting Age? Subject? Discipline? etc?.

I will arrange that a substantial amount of that raised will go to Dulwich!

Topic starter Posted : 05/03/2017 9:06 pm
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Such a pity that we no longer have Chevet Books frown I used to love browsing their catalogues.

What about Kelly Books?

Posted : 06/03/2017 1:50 pm