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FCS [Closed] Reading RG4 area towards Peterborough?

Illustrious V-Ratter Registered

An odd one, but would anyone be able to collect an electric fire - to wit, a Belling "Utility" from 1940 - from the RG4 area of reading and start it on its journey northward? Weighs about 5kg.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2021 10:48 pm
Katie Bush
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I wish i could help out, but sadly, it's a couple of hundred miles off my haunting grounds! However, a bit of an oddity? - Not as odd as me asking for a trailer to be collected! That one is way odder than an electric fire!

It's an interesting looking fire, and built, by the look of it, to serve as a cooker of sorts? You could certainly toast bread and teacakes on top, and on the front, and at a pinch to heat pans, but it wouldn't very efficient at that. Mmmm, sausages and bacon, slow cooked in a tin tray on the top!

I hope you find someone to collect it for you - It's definitely not something I've ever set eyes on before.

Posted : 26/04/2021 10:11 am
Illustrious V-Ratter Registered


As mentioned, the fire is a Belling "Utility", introduced at the beginning of WW2. The catalogues for 39-40 and 41-42 describe it as " addition to being a very efficient heater, it has been specially designed for boiling and toasting... it is the ideal fire for the home, the sick room, the office, the shop and for all emergency purposes as it can be used to boil water and heat simultaneously."

Price in 1941: 35/- pre-war price, plus 11/8 War Increase, plus 11/8 Purchase Tax = 58/4.

There was an even cheaper cut-down version of this with just one firebar at 45 degrees and a grid set high above: that was the "Standby", which sold for 26/8 all-inclusive. The firebar guard was close enough to the element on that to stand a kettle, whilst the high grid was for keeping plates and food warm.

This transport request can be closed, by the way: I've decided to fetch it myself on Friday night - it's about an hour's drive from work.

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2021 7:04 pm
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