Electronics, General Tech Discussion & Trade Talk

Electronics, General Tech Discussion & Trade Talk
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Domestic Radio

Domestic valve & transistor radios, also including amateur HAM equipment

Topics: 1,232  |  Posts: 16.6 K

Ekco U353 aerial connections.


Audio & Hi-Fi

Amplifiers, Turntables, Record Players, Amp/Receivers, Radiograms, Speakers, Cassette etc

Topics: 124  |  Posts: 2,062

1973 Sony TC-131SD: Cassette D...


Black & White Television (1 viewing)

Pre & Post War 405-line, dual standard 405/625 Black & White

Topics: 1,132  |  Posts: 25.3 K

1936 Baird T5 TV Receiver rest...


Colour Television

Dual (405/625) & Single (625) standard colour TV

Topics: 366  |  Posts: 12.4 K

Hitachi CWP 132


Video Recorders, DVD & DTV Players

Repair and restoration of video tape recorders, Reel, u-matic, VCR, VHS, Betamax, V2000 & freeview boxes

Topics: 46  |  Posts: 1,109

Thorn 8924/Ferguson 3V23


In The Workshop (2 viewing)

Technical discussions, projects & topics that don't fit into the other categories below

Topics: 936  |  Posts: 10.9 K

Magnetic Loop construction.


General Tech Discussion

General discussion on vintage & modern technology

Topics: 64  |  Posts: 479

Wireless and Electrical Trader...

Till Eulenspiegel

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