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1968 HMV 2701: Thorn 2000

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As I mentioned elsewhere on the forum, this is the year of the 2K. I've not powered the 19" 2000 on for at least 3 years, when I did this afternoon, here was the result... .Yuck!  ? 


The B-Y lead had broken and R6 was open, in as much as its one of those little resistors that break free of their end posts. I soldered the B-Y lead back and as a quick and dirty test just wedged the end of R6 back into its post. This one shouldn't present too many challenges but all the boards are going to be checked over  replacing where necessary components, then a full setup performed.


The plan this year is to get all my Thorn 2000's fully operational, I've left them far too long. This thread will serve to document the 2701. To keep interest going for myself I'll rotate around them and update each thread accordingly.

The 2701 system switches are intact and have not been soldered up. However fusible resistors R16, R17 and R18 on the PSU have been removed. Also the micros-switch for solenoid and degauss has been disconnected and looped at  PLG/1. These will need to be replaced and returned to original spec. The plan is to return the set to full working, dual standard operation.

The workshop 3700 needs a fair amount of work required. The plan for that is to also return it to full working dual standard operation. The PCB bench is going to be very busy.

The newly acquired 3700 has finally started to relent and I've detailed current progress here.

Finally the HMV 2700, that If I remember correctly, has a sync fault, I can't remember the state of the system switches. I'll need to check but at the moment there's a honking great G6 sat on top and I'll need to get some help to shift it.

So as the Three Degrees would sing, " Yes this is the year..... To make your decision" and that decision is to get the 2K's singing and I've certainly been holding back!

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