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Last but not least, the sixth and final reveal.

The other set I bought from Rich @slidertogrid, that came up on the shiply van, this lovely PYE. Rich had the foresight to remove the legs and bubble wrapped the case, due to its weight this was not going to tumble.

I'd secretly coveted the 691 chassis ever since I had my CT203/1 (697) and learned about the 691, this was rekindled since getting my PYE CT205 and EKCO CT252 both 697, so when Rich mentioned he was finally moving on his CT72, I said I would be very interested and as I had the van booked for the G11, it would make sense to combine it to one transport.

Not a lot to say other than to mention it had a fire as a result of tripler failure. I'll let Rich fill you all in on that little bizarre and scary episode. I hasten to add there wasn't any damage, and Rich has since fitted another tripler taken from a scrap chassis. However, yesterday I acquired a NOS tripler for it from MSS (Malcs Speedy Spares) and will be fitting that in due course.

No room in the museum until I pass on and thin out a few more big brute consoles. For now, it resides in the 70s lounge however, that is currently storing our new kitchen which is due to be fitted in a month or two, so chaos everywhere at present.

As ever some more pics, I hope the recent six TV additions and threads have proved an interesting diversion. In due course, I will update each newly started thread with updates as I progress through the repairs.

Thanks to all for taking the time to read my ramblings.

20240623 162558
20240623 162613
20240623 162619
20240623 162625
20240623 162629
20240623 162643
20240623 162912
IMG 20240623 163222


Rich, just as a matter of interest, I have it on good authority from our resident VRAT PYE expert, the back is not the PYE back but the EKCO version. The only difference between the two is the PYE back would have two additional holes on the top, left and right to secure it, whereas the EKCO (the one fitted) does not. Low and behold when I removed the back there were the two holes on the cabinet as described. I guess at some point in the past 54 years it was muddled with another, there's probably an EKCO out there with a PYE back.

20240623 163044

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Posted : 23/06/2024 4:04 pm
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@crustytv I didn't know that! As you say somewhere along the line the back must have been swapped. Yes when the set decided to have a little burn up a while back what frightened me was that it was off at the time and we were due to go out! 

I had enjoyed an afternoon of watching Jon Pertwee careering about the galaxy I switched off and we were getting ready to go out when I got a whiff of melting plastic, Then the smoke alarm went off...I peered inside and saw a flame! I quickly did an impression of Manuel if Fawlty Towers "Fire!" "Fire" ! We heaved it out into the carport and I wrenched the back off the flame was easy to extinguish, I blew it out! But what worried me was if I hadn't smelt it and we had gone out. 

The whole saga is here. Pye CT72 Fire! - UK Vintage Radio Repair and Restoration Discussion Forum (vintage-radio.net)

See post 18 for my official mod! 

I always make sure I am home for at least an hour after I have switched off any vintage equipment now! Don't get me wrong the damage was minimal and it may well have gone out on its own but old tellies did occasionally go up in smoke. A local TV shop was badly damaged when they left a PYE CT205 on test in the workshop over lunchtime. I saw a few where the focus rod had overheated and melted the plastic. Not forgetting the Hybrid GECs where the height stabilising VDR glowed red hot and made a hole in the panel!    


Posted : 23/06/2024 4:52 pm