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1977 Aphelion TV :Telefunken 712 Chassis

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Thinking back to "what set next?", haven't you got a rare Decca hybrid?

Posted : 04/08/2016 3:31 pm
Marcus 3700
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Hello Chris

Did you get any original service info regarding the Aphelion 712? A guy I know who lives near Doncaster has one of these sets and put up for sale all the original service manuals on UKVRR a few years ago, but wanted quite a lot of money so they did not sell.

I will be going home today so will not be able to ask him if he still wants to sell, but if you are interested I can find out next time I'm in South Yorkshire. Hope this helps.


Posted : 15/08/2016 5:07 am
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Hello Chris

A guy I know who lives near Doncaster.......... has all the original service manuals.............. if you are interested I can find out next time I'm in South Yorkshire. Hope this helps.


Hi Marcus,

yes please that would be much appreciated if you could, I will keep my fingers crossed he still has them.

I suspect the price wasn't the only reason there was no interest on UKVRRR.

Having corresponded with the designer ( Steve Foster) he explained the first run in the 1970's was a little over 200 sets, of those 200 around 80% were based on Telefunken. Now we all know the survival rates of mass produced early colour televisions are not good, so imagine how few of these Aphelion survived. Those that did are likely to be in very small numbers, then how many of those are in the hands of collectors capable or prepared to restore rather than swap in a modern flat panel? I think an even smaller number.

A lot of the ones I've seen surfacing on e-bay recently are from the second run which was in the 1990's, these using the 28" Nicam Thomson chassis.

Before I worked on this TV there was zero technical info to be found on the internet about the Aphelion and virtually the same with regards to their production. Now with a Google search for "Aphelion Television" it finds this repair thread and the main site blog. Making contact with Steve filled in the production logistics gaps so If I can get hold of the actual Aphelion 712 service manual, that would be the final missing element. All this should now help anyone else who sets out on the task of repairing or just researching about these unique early colour televisions.

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Posted : 15/08/2016 9:51 am
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