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CTV Baird 700 mod to stop verticals bending

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Captain Peacock
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Hi all,

When I worked at Radio Rentals, ISTR there was a mod for the Baird 700 chassis that (almost) cured the verticals bending to the right in the middle when a bright picture was displayed. A friend of mine thought the mod changed the shape of the line flyback pulse to the sync separator.

Can anyone remember what that mod was?

The 710 chassis didn't suffer from this fault at all.

Posted : 09/03/2024 10:08 am
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Transductor CL5439?


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Posted : 09/03/2024 11:42 am
Captain Peacock
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Thanks Crusty, I can see why it looked like it may be the transductor, but I'm not sure it was as the fault wasn't bending to the right just at the top, but a steady curve to the right and back again from top to bottom i.e. the vertical bending was progressive until the centre of the screen, then back again to line up again with the top of the screen.

The fault didn't show itself on dim scenes - only on bright ones.


Posted : 19/03/2024 11:40 am