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CTV Beovision 770x

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Hi All,


Having just finished a rather nice Beovision 7702, it amazes me how many people think this is a Philips in B&O guise. It isn't (that happened later with the GR2.2) ... but ... it amazes me how much this set shares with the Thorn TX10... PSU derived EHT, tiny LOPTx just doing line coupling duties, damn even the chopper transformer looks identical. Did B&O have a hand in the TX10, or did Thorn have a hand in the B&O? The B&O certainly ran longer into production than the TX10, the B&O I have is dated 1985, and the CRT is branded Philips, rather than Mullard. 



Posted : 18/03/2024 1:21 pm
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These do perform very well and nice to see one being brought back into use. I have a 7700 on the roundtuit pile. So,"Did B&O have a hand in the TX10, or did Thorn have a hand in the B&O?". B&O did work with other companies but many of their designs revolved around Philips components with heavy leaning on their application notes. I guess Thorn may have done likewise.  If the CRT has a green label or a label with green printing, it is fair to assume it is original, these have a long life. Allegedly B&O had a tighter specification CRT selected from the Philips production line, certainly in terms of convergence and focus in each corner they were spot on and never found one with dead phosphors. Thorn did not have luxuries like a tube black level auto balance system(?) or a carefully designed luminance delay line to give wider video bandwidth. A TDA2020 20W audio amplifier was standard on non stereo versions. 

Although the 33xx series had a long production run, however toward the end in 1985 many of the 'cut down' versions were fitted with an ITT CRT, and many failed under warranty! Also these models lost the speaker enclosure to simply bolting a speaker to the front panel! They did not sound good. Watch out for Telefunken (TFK) transistors, particularly the line deflection BU208... 😯

When these first appeared on the scene around 1979 there was a huge demand for them in the run up to Christmas. Quite a backlog and remember helping the delivery guys install them well into the evening! Compared with Philips G11 or TX10 the cabinets were very slimline even for the 26" version.


Posted : 18/03/2024 2:39 pm