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BRC/Thorn 8500; From a D|E|R Perspective

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Owners of the 8500 chassis or those just curious, may find an article I've just published to the Blogs Thorn, knowledge base section, interesting.

The article is extracted from an "internal only" D|E|R document from July 1972, where they introduce  the 8500 series to their engineers. The D|E|R set being the 19" Model 5742

K-base Thorn Article : Thorn 8500 Chassis, D|E|R Advice to Engineers

More data and servicing articles on the 8500, can also be found in the data library K-base Thorn section

Hope you enjoy and I hope to bring many more interesting extracts from D|E|R

Topic starter Posted : 28/05/2020 2:00 pm
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