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BRC/Thorn 3000/3500 PSU Module Repairs

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Hi Chris

It nice when you get two heads together. John knows his stuff.

Glad you got my email.

It was about the 30 volt line being odd (Been there done it) As you had tried nearly everything else my eyes were starting to look at T601. If it had shorted turns that would affect the monostable. I see you had changed that  (I have never known one fail.)

Bit of history here

Working for an EX Radio Rentals engineer who set up his own business (George(Wonderful guy)). Who knew the Thorn's inside out. I got landed with a 3.5k with a PSU problem. AHH a simple/standard job. "NO" after a day I was still getting nowhere. George has a go. (After saying its got something simple (Why do I employ you. etc)). Well after another day, George gives up, and wanders down to the local Radio Rentals Workshop with me and has a chat with his ex boss. Please, Pretty Please can you have a look at this, There's a pint in it for you and the lads. Well after 3 days the boss come back in with the PSU working. OK What was the fault, They wouldn't tell me but it took 4 engineers to find it. Good night at the pub. And none of them would tell us what the faulty part was. The only hint was "You wouldn't believe it, never seen it in a million years" Now that is why I shivered when I saw a 3k come in. Most of the faults were easy to deal with, Bog standard/stock faults. This one did my head in. 

Those were the days when we all went to collage together and helped each other out. also got to know the other engineers. Lent manuals, gave advice, even "Lent spares. off the record" etc


George also had a Baird 700 as his main set at home. He loved and cherished it. Every few months it was in for a "Check up" 




Posted : 02/10/2016 2:29 pm
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Hi Ivor,

yes thanks for the e-mail and sorry I didn't get back to you my head was in a spin yesterday. I did very much appreciate the article you sent where LLJ was having an equally dire time with a 3K PSU, it sort of made me feel a little less inadequate.

Indeed having an ex engineer at your side is a real treat and I always thoroughly enjoy the time spent with John and the tales he tells of the good old days of television repair. All the input from the other guys in the form of ideas is again very much appreciated. Thanks also for recollecting your 3K tale, what rotters for not letting you know what the PSU fault was.

I have a couple more 3K PSU's that will need attention one in the Marconiphone 4711 (3500) and a very early one in a Ferguson 3703,MK1 3000 so plenty more entertainment on that front to come.

Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2016 3:47 pm
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