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I've decided to bring into use my elderly DeccaColour TV for watching my collection of tapes. It has stood for about 8 years and when I first it switched on I got a loud buzz (not hum) from the speaker. It sounded like 50Hz so I suspect the thyristor supply while the volume setting made no difference. On the screen white snow so looks like the A1s and drives might be OK. If I remember correctly I retired the set partly because the mechanical tuner presets were broken but for a couple, the other reason I decided to give up TV because I resented the fat salary paid to Clarkson (whom I loath) on the backs of the licence payer.

I only need the one preset for my VCR so the tuner's mechanical state isn't a problem any more. Of course my set is analogue and can't receive digital broadcasts so TV Licensing can still do one as I don't watch the ordure that passes off as TV "entertainment".

After being on for a few minutes I checked for any signs of smoke or overheating and saw none. The only thing I noticed was the familiar smell of a slightly dusty mains dropper that hasn't been hot for a long time. Not even any sight or smell of corona! The smoothing block remained cool and no bulging around the terminals.

Anything to look for? HT voltage?

Posted : 09/06/2016 5:51 pm
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Decca 80 chassis. Good sets, grey scale was slow from cold if i remember, Malc.

Posted : 09/06/2016 5:58 pm
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Cracking set. I had a little 18" during my yoof (or was it a decca 90?) That picture really packed a punch.

Posted : 09/06/2016 6:51 pm
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Thanks guys.

I'd rather repair Old Faithful than buy a new TV. The Decca doesn't have have scart sockets however my VCR does, so I can buy a DVD player which I pass through my VCR which will act as a modulator. My MSI all-in-one PC has a 16:9 screen but I'd prefer to watch my classic DVDs on a real CRT TV in their original format.


Posted : 09/06/2016 7:21 pm
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The Decca doesn't have have scart sockets however my VCR does, so I can buy a DVD player which I pass through my VCR which will act as a modulator.

Be aware that commercial pre-recorded DVD movies often have Macrovision copy protection. If you connect a DVD player to a VCR SCART socket, you may see the effect of Macrovision on the output. The picture may flicker between light and dark, or disappear altogether every few seconds, making it unwatchable.

There are some ways around this:

1. Use a separate modulator, not one built into a VCR

2. A small number of DVD players have a hidden menu where you can disable the macrovision protection. Some models include Dansai DVD852 and DVD-1010, Afreey LD2060, Wharfedale M5 with "One Firmware For All". These DVD players are around 15 years old and hard to find now. I don't know of any new DVD players that are similarly "hackable".

3. With a PC, DVD writer and software such as DVD Decrypter, it's possible to make a copy of a DVD and in the process remove the Macrovision protection from the copy. Discs without Macrovision should play fine through a VCR SCART socket. Home-recorded DVDs are Macrovision-free.

Posted : 09/06/2016 7:54 pm
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I've got an 18" one that works ok now as i've replaced the tripler.


Posted : 09/06/2016 8:48 pm