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Sony CVM-1330UB: Early Christmas present

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I've just received an early Christmas present to myself, an unusual little Sony CVM-1330UB which looks like a KV1330UB but in addition to a UHF tuner, has video and audio inputs and an output from the UHF tuner. It is nice and clean and worked from switch on, tube looks good but there is a problem with the EW correction.

I'm not familiar with these Sony sets and there seems to be little service information about, does any know how similar the circuity is to the KV1330 or other models.

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I could be wrong but I was under the impression the CVM 1330UB was to all intents and purposes, the professional monitor version of the standard 1330.

I've got all the R&TS servicing books and they cover all the Sony models of this period but no mention of the CVM. At a guess I would think its the monitor connectivity and its associated circuitry that are the differences. Best look at the std 1330 service data and see if what lies on paper wildly differs from what is physically before you.

Posted : 13/12/2018 9:49 am
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I had that fault on one of my KV1330’s, it was a small electrolytic cap had leaked and rotted its legs off, can’t remember what number it was, but I do remember it was in the middle of the pcb on the lower left of the set (if facing the front of the set).



Posted : 13/12/2018 10:45 am
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There is an E/W correction control on the bottom of the timebase board. It might be worth a quick check of the adjustment plus ensuring the width control is also set ok too. Otherwise, I bet an electrolytic somewhere could have much to answer for. 

Here below is the timebase board on my 1320 (MKII) hinged open. This of course is assuming your 1330 has the same chassis and is not the MK1 version.

2995 IMG474850

Some useful advice may be found here, scroll to the top....

Posted : 20/12/2018 10:01 pm
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With the workshop warming up nicely, I got around to looking at this set today, no EW correction and intermittent blank raster and no sound. The EW problem was due to C521 on the VH board, 4µ7  100v open circuit, I only had a 450V one but it did the trick EW no adjustable. The intermittent sound/vision issue was dry joints on a PSU IC on the sub-chassis which provides CVBS input and switching. All sorted and put back together in time to enjoy tonight's "Callan" on a period set.

I'm still quite curious of the origins of this TV, I can't find any information about the model, but the chassis is essentially a KV1300. It must have been designed for professional or broadcast use, but retained the UHF tuner.

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