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G11 Chassis Fun... Hope no one here did this!  

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Just recently acquired a Philips G26C 724/01 TV. Very large 26" set with a roller door arrangement! Cabinet in very poor condition. Looking inside revealed the Line timebase panel with a bad burn up.

I have not powered the set up of course. The panel was duly removed and inspected to reveal a very nasty bodge "repair".. The large 0.47uF capacitor was in a very sorry state as was another (7500nf 200v @16khz) which had bulging sides. The 0.91Uf capacitor looked fine however.- but needs to be changed - just in case. Can anyone advice where to get replacements for these 3 items ?

The set had not failed, no fuses blown and the line output Transistor (not a BU208A incidentally, its a 2SD350A) tested ok.

The line panel has now been cleaned up, lots of excess flux and solder removed.G11-Cap.JPGG11-Cap-2.JPGG11-Cap-3.JPGG11-Cap-bodge.JPGG11-First-look.JPGG11-Line-TB-Panel-as-removed.JPGG11-Line-TB-panel-clean-up-begins.JPGG11-Line-TB-Panel-Damage.JPGG11-Mullard-CRT.JPGG11-PCB-bodge-1.JPG ( LOPTX removed for access). CRT tests ok, so there is a chance.

I have included pictures for your delight!


Paul G

Posted : 24/05/2017 9:43 am