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Project Philips G8 Quad Screen build

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For those of you who were following the "Creating a whole TV from parts" thread, I've decided to give this a go as I have pretty much a full set of parts for a Philips G8 including a surprise 22" Mullard tube. Now I could just build a replica G8 but I figured why not do something a bit different, so I'm going to make a G8 with an additional three 5" tubes so the signal can be switched around all four screens. Kinda like an early picture in picture system. This is to be based on the style of the original Nordmende Spectra Color Studio released in 1967:

nordemende white

The Nordmende was all valve and all RF! Officially these were aimed at journalists monitoring sports and news events on different channels. Unofficially these were aimed at journalists and officials so they could monitor the TV channels being broadcast behind the Iron Curtain! I think I prefer the woodgrain effect rather than the white but pretty much everything in this project is subject to change. 

I even have some Nixie tubes for the channel number display. 

The plan is to build a bare timber frame first to securely hold the tubes and protect them whilst I fathom out everything else. The metal chassis although will house the G8 panels will likely be based on the G11's hinge open vertical style as I much prefer that for diagnostic work. The dimensions of the cabinet will be loosely based on my Pye CT450/G11 but wider at the back to protect the neck of the Delta gun tube as it's considerably longer than an in-line gun tube. Obviously it will be taller to include the additional three 5" black and white tubes, which will be from those cheap Chinese 5" black and white TVs that used to be everywhere in the 2000s. 

iconic content spectracolorstudio02
nordmende spectra color studio totaal02

There's some very good photos, particularly of the inside and the tuner panel on Marcel's TV Museum's website:


three crt unit

I'm not entirely sure if the three small tube unit slides out like a drawer on the original but it could be done on this build and it would make servicing easier.

Posted : 22/06/2023 8:38 pm