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Pye Colour TV’s

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I am trying to remember the chassis’s that Pye used but cannot recall a Pye designed chassis with a 20AX CRT.

There were the hybrids , DS, 691,693,697, then the next were the 713,715 solid state small screen TV’, the 725 90 degree, 731 , 741 110 degree all delta CRTs.

I cannot recall any other Pye designed sets, the Philips G11 used a 20AX CRT, that was used in Pye badged sets.

Have I missed a Pye designed 20AX chassis?

We cut back on selling the Pye range in the middle 70’s and stocked ITT sets, we still sold Pye but found the ITT sets more reliable with better pictures, so it’s possible I missed any Pye designs. 

Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2018 9:25 am