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Hi I am working on this Sony kv-1320 MK2. It has a wobble to the picture and looses sync. Picture drifts vertically and horizontally. Have to adjust the vertical and the H.frequency alot just to stabilized it just to get this image on the pictures I have added below.

It was doing this before I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors of which some were leaking.
I have used contact cleaner on the adjustable pots that are accessible from the outside of the set . Not the ones hidden from view, factory.
Playing back different signals from my atari 2600 and then a video camera via RF means re adjusting the h. Frequency and vertical hold again and even the tuning dial just to get an unstable image.
Image is only really stable with an image that does not contain much brightness or information, like atari asteroids.
Tube is good, powers up within a minute from cold.
I can hear a faint click from the ceramic caps on the green pcb that is next to the flyback. The clicking is not from the flyback or tripler.
I have worked on crts before , replaced flybacks and recapped but am no expert. I have no scope.
I understand the dangers of the high voltages involved.
Any help or advice on he possible fault and or a service manual would be a great help. Frank 🙂
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