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CTV Tyne Colour Television

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Hi everyone

A couple of weeks ago I went to collect this television, it's a 22" Tyne colour in excellent condition. I've never seen one before, so it must be rare.

The chassis layout is quite accessible, I slowly brought it up on the variac and up it came. I have sound and a bright white raster. I then could smell burning and realised that the smoke was coming from the EHT cap. A resistor must be built into the cap and was melting the plastic cap.

I switched off and put a request for help with some service information, which Chris has kindly uploaded into the library. I will study the circuit, replace the tripler and report back.

IMG 20210830 192958
IMG 20210830 193042
IMG 20210830 193238
IMG 20210830 193329
Topic starter Posted : 30/08/2021 8:26 pm
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Hope Gary does not mind, but to whet folk's appetites a few more for what's to come, here are the photos of the TV in question, when it first appeared on our facebook group. I think Mr Derek Tyne borrowed some of his ideas from Thorn, for some of the design. Well, that was my first impression when I saw the back off, in photo No.2.



Posted : 30/08/2021 8:51 pm
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It looks like it takes its style from the Thorn (BRC) 850 series, that’s going back a while.

Posted : 31/08/2021 7:26 am
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Tyne is an unfamiliar brand to me.


It's interesting to see measurements in cm featured in the advert.


Posted : 31/08/2021 10:25 pm
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We saw some Tynes in Oz briefly during the crazy times in 1974 when all the local factories were running 3 shifts and you could sell any CTV you could get your hands on. I never actually serviced one myself but they were well regarded as I recall.

Make sure you replace the tuning cap(s) across the hor OP transistor. It is a special type of cap, remember.

Posted : 01/09/2021 8:34 am
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Hi Everyone

I have been working on the Tyne colour this afternoon, I replaced the burning eht cap. I now have sound with just a bright white raster, there is no 200v to the RGB transistors which is is derived from a 1.8 k resistor on the power . The resistor is open circuit , I've ordered a new one as I don't have any 9 w resistors that value.

Regards Gary.

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Topic starter Posted : 04/09/2021 3:01 pm
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I think I may have mentioned this before but just in case, Tesco's Home & Wear department used to sell these. I don't remember seeing them being sold anywhere else. Certainly rare Gary.

Posted : 05/09/2021 9:34 pm
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Hi everyone, i replaced the 1.8 k feed resistor that supplies the 200v to the decoder today . The first results are pretty good , but  other than the purity needing set up I'm happy with the results. The Sylvania tube has good emission . It runs cool as well . I noticed a date stamp saying 1979 on the lopt assembly.

IMG 20210911 154801 1
IMG 20210911 160338
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Topic starter Posted : 11/09/2021 7:38 pm
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That looks pretty good to me. I've never encountered one on the bench and was always led to believe that these sets were pretty awful and poorly constructed. Your pictures show a reasonable attempt to match the big boys in both build and picture quality, it has a lot going for it though with the SAWF IF strip and the Philips decoder chipset. 

Posted : 11/09/2021 10:10 pm
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It has all the hallmarks of having been designed by a very smart engineer. That strange vertical circuit is actually very clever.

Posted : 12/09/2021 7:46 am