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News BVWS Biggleswade Meet & AGM Sunday February 25th

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A repost for members of this Forum.

The Spring 2024 BVWS Biggleswade Meet & AGM is on February 25th. Note that it's a couple of weeks' earlier than last year to avoid date clashes with other events.

Timings: 0900 for stallholders to setup. 0930 for visitors. AGM in side room from 1200-1300. Hot and cold refreshments available throughout.

Details appeared in the Winter BVWS Bulletin, and are also available via the events pages on the BVWS website: www.bvws.org.uk.

Please note that there is no auction, as it's the AGM as well, but there will be a huge table of bargains from the bulging BVWS auction stores instead.

The Weatherley Centre (SG18 8JH) has off-street parking right by the hall, and and free on-street parking very close by. It is located only a mile from either of the two Biggleswade exit roundabouts on the A1. Train services are excellent (under an hour from London), and the station is a 12 minute walk from the hall.

Everyone welcome!

Posted : 17/01/2024 5:55 pm
Boater Sam
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Thanks for posting on this forum and others.


Boater Sam

Posted : 17/01/2024 7:30 pm
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Posted by: @chriswood

Please note that there is no auction, as it's the AGM as well, but there will be a huge table of bargains from the bulging BVWS auction stores instead.

I am left wondering how much of an impact "...a huge table of bargains from the bulging BVWS auction stores" will have on stall holders trying to sell their stuff. Much like auctions, really - it gets depressing watching people shuffling around just waiting for the auction to start and ignoring the stall holders and what they're trying to sell.

I could say more... but I won't.


Posted : 17/01/2024 10:53 pm
unit no 16 reacted
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@cathovisor I am of the same opinion Mike,  I emailed the organiser last time the BVWS had a table sale (no auction) and outlined why I would not be booking a table.

Previously I had a stall and by the time the auction started I knew how much room I had in the car for purchases, how much space I had made at home and how much money I had to spend.

So I was able to sell some 'stuff' I didn't want and buy some 'stuff' I did. If you have a table when there is no auction not only are you competing with the BVWS sales but you are not able to judge space etc until you have sold some, (if at all) by which time the 'things' you a may have been interested in buying from the BVWS sale may have gone. Judging by what members have said though this is not how everyone thinks. Maybe some sellers are just that and some buyers are also just that?  

To be honest I thought hard about if I should renew my membership this year as I don't really attend events much anymore, I decided in the end that the Magazine was worth the membership fee alone as there have been some excellent articles lately.

Posted : 17/01/2024 11:28 pm
unit no 16 reacted
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Having seen the auction store last week when I was down there, I'm wondering why the BVWS hasn't done what they have done in the past, and held just a pure auction or two? I've been to a few of those, both at Harpenden and Wootton Bassett. I know it's a lot of work for Mike Barker especially.

Posted : 18/01/2024 10:40 am