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[Solved] Account Inactivity

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Due to a recent contact query, I thought it might be worth refreshing members minds and at the same time have an FAQ for future reference. It is covered in the rules but it makes sense to have this FAQ too.

Inactive Accounts:

There is an automated process in place that manages dormant accounts

  1. New membership registrations, if the new member does not login within 7 days of the account being activated, it will be removed. It is therefore suggested a new member should login within that period. After all if you've registered surely you want to login and have a mooch about. 
  2. Members accounts that have been logged in within the first month but been inactive for 3 months (no login), have not made any posts, will be marked as inactive and will be marked for deletion.
  3. Members accounts that have been inactive for over 6 months but have made posts contributions to the forum, will be marked as an "Expired account" and will be unable to login. Let me be clear the account will not be deleted just disabled. Prior to this occurring the member will receive an automated e-mail stating what will be taking place. To stop the process all the member needs to do is login to reset the timer. 


Note: In the cases of 1 & 2, if you find your account deleted its a minor inconvenience, nothings lost as you've have not made any posts and you can always register. 

For case 3, all you need to do is use the contact page and request your account be reactivated.

Hope this helps.

Topic starter Posted : 26/01/2018 10:27 am