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FAQ [Solved] Attachments to Posts

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Important Note:

  • No more resizing before you upload. The site will auto resize your image, the maximum file it will process is 8MB, that should cover all eventualities.
  • Simply drag and drop or use standard browse upload, it's your choice.
  • At Vrat the only attachments allowed to forum posts are images.
  • If you wish to donate documents, see the service data section


Attaching a photo is simple, here's how.

1. Click on the "My media" link in the reply box.


2. Click on the "Add files" button.


3. A window will open up on your local device. Navigate to the photo you want to upload, click it once to select, then click on open.


4. The photo to be uploaded will now appear in the forum media list, however it is not yet upload.


5. Now click on the start button to the right, this will upload the photo.

6. Finally, to insert the photo into your post, tick the box next to the photo that you want to insert. Then click on the "insert into post" button.


Save the post, the photo will be inserted.


Topic starter Posted : 16/11/2017 10:45 pm
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