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[Solved] Data Library : Information, How to access, How to Download and problems

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Hi Vrater's & Guests

before posting in threads or using the contact form if you're a guest, to say that you cannot access the data library or download a document, do the following. Before raising a fault support ticket, please read the following advice, Its intention is to clearly describe how the data library at Radios-TV Vrat works.


To access the data library you will need to have first earned access, this is covered in the rules here. but for clarity we will repeat the specific criteria from rule #5. 

Radios-TV-Vrat Rule extract: Full rules here
  • The Data Library (VIP areas): Whilst we recognise there are many decent folk, there are those that used to register just to get free data, once they had what they wanted never to be seen again. This is not acceptable so free access was removed. To gain access to the data you must become an "active vratter" basically a participating member of the community. Therefore, access is granted at the admins discretion, but is normally only made when a member has proven to be an active participating member of the forum/blog.
    1. If a member stops contributing posts but continues to just make use of the library, they will find their library access revoked.
    2. It is considered bad form if you download data from the Radios-TV data library and then post your repair on another forum. We would expect the courtesy of you sharing your repair on this forum. Behaviour such as described is likely to result in your library access being revoked.
    3. Under no circumstances share or post data from the Radios-TV data library with non-members or post the data on another forum. If a member is found to doing this their data library access will be revoked.

Note: Some have asked what constitutes "active"? Simplistically it's when a member reaches 180 posts, though it is not guaranteed or set in stone.

If a member clearly demonstrates by sustained visits, posts and deeds, that they are here to be part of the community, they are often fast-tracked before reaching the "Active" category. Likewise, if a member once achieving or gaining data library access then stops posting but continues to only make use of the library, they will likely find access revoked. Rankings and their levels are detailed below.

Forum Ranking

These are the Vrat forum rankings that are applied to your account based on your level of activity.


Locating the Data Library

Assuming you have earned library access, near the top of the forum homepage you will see six Icons, the first one is a picture of a cabinet, click on this to be taken to the data library page.


You should now see the data library application and a view of all the folders, you can navigate your way through what's on offer.



Once you have navigated and found the data file you require, to download it you must right-click (tap and hold on a tablet), this pops up a menu. From there select download. You cannot just double-click/tap to open/view the document direct from the site i.e. no preview.

If you try to double-click, tap all you will get is "Oops! That page can't be found". 


Not seeing the data library?

If when you click/tap on the data library Icon you only see a message as shown below then 


This means one of two things

  1. You have not earned access
  2. There is a local problem. 


Assuming the latter and not the former, the problem will in 99.9% of cases be solved clearing your browser cache and or removing Radios-TV cookies. If you still have trouble and know you have earned access then raise a support ticket in the data library support section.

If you get the message "Invalid backend configuration Readable volumes not available" then give me a dig, it means I forgot to configure your account with the relevant path info.

Remember, if you don't find what you want in the library it does not mean I don't have it. I have a vast amount of data and I only scan when it is required. If I tried to scan it all in advance I would not have time for anything else and would be brain-dead at the end of it, so I scan-on-demand.


Posted : 03/04/2018 9:18 pm
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