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[Sticky] FAQ: Register Using Facebook, Connect your Vrat account for FaceBook login and post sharing  

Vrat Founder Admin

Hi V-Ratters, you may have seen the recent Vrat "News" post I did regarding Facebook. I thought it best to now also create an FAQ page to document how it works for easy future reference. After all everyone always checks the FAQ's before asking don't they 😎 

What's This New Feature

Radios-TV Vrat now embraces social media, many of you do and also many potential new members use the Facebook platform. Folk these days can't be asked to have one login account here, one login account there, one login account everywhere, with all the associated remembering of accounts names and passwords. No, they want it simple, one thing to remember and maintain.

Therefore I've set up a Radios-TV Vrat Facebook App. This allows you or a guest, to share any forum post or any blog article to your/their timeline, group or page. This App will also allow any potential new member to register with their FaceBook ID and any existing member to login to the site just by clicking on the 'connect with face book' button you will now see on the login page


Radios-TV Vrat APP

Login or Registering to Vrat with 'one click'; Use your FaceBook ID

I've purchased an annually recurring licence for the social media extension for this website. This allows folk visiting Radios-TV Vrat to either register or login using their Facebook ID. This means if you're logged into Facebook you can be logged into Vrat with just one click


Already a Vrat Member, but didn't register with your FaceBook ID?

Not a problem, If you are an existing V-ratter and wish to make use of this Facebook 'One click' login feature, you will first need to connect your Vrat account to your social media account.

To do this load your Vrat profile from your forum control panel. Then click on settings (the cog) then click on "My account", you'll see the social connect link. Rest assured it is all hidden from me, it is secure. The app I created was via Facebook developers tool-kit and they strictly control what can and cannot be done. Once you've connected your account no more multiple logins.


Once you've connected your social account to Vrat, it will show your Facebook account connected (see below). Now when you wish to login at Vrat all you need to do is click the "connect with Facebook" button. You won't be asked for a username or password, you will be logged in. I've tested it and linked my account, it works. At anytime you wish you can disconnect your Vrat account from FaceBook, using the disconnect button. I have to say its pretty cool (OK, perhaps I'm easily impressed) just hitting the "Connect with Facebook" button on the login page, no username or password required you're straight in.


Sharing Posts and Blog articles

To share a forum post just click on the 'F' (its visible right corner at top of post) and the Vrat app will launch. To share any blog page you will see a blue 'like' and 'share' button at the top of each article. Clicking on 'share' will launch the Radios-TV app, then just choose where you wish to share the info and type in you text to accompany the post. 

Not Interested, Not on FaceBook, Never will be....

Fully respect that and If you're not on Facebook, not interested in it whatsoever, ignore all the above, none of this impacts you in any way whatsoever, Ignore it, just carry on as normal logging into Radios-TV using the standard login fields.

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Posted : 01/08/2020 10:19 am