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FAQ [Solved] How To Access and use the PM system

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Access The PM System Via Your Enhanced Account/Profile page

The PM system is very simple to use, and is accessed from the exact same place as the old one. The following guide should allow you to navigate the system. If you have any problems, please raise a support ticket in the appropriate section of the help desk forum.


Accessing the PM system, simply click/tap on your profile icon, via your user control panel.


This will take you to your profile page, from there simply click/tap on messages.


You will then be taken into the PM system. From here you can read your messages, send a message, configure your pm settings, or access your profile.


There are two ways to send a message to another member. You can access your messages as detailed above, and click on start a new conversation.


Or from anywhere on the forum, just click on a members' username, and you will be taken to their profile page. There you will see a private message button.



If you're not online, you will receive an e-mail notification from the site informing you have a new unread private message. When logged in you will notice a number in brackets indicating the number of pm's you have. When you access your profile page, the link to your private messages will also indicate the number of unread messages you have. Also, if a message is delivered whilst you are online, a pop up window will appear informing you that there is a new message.




Send Members files

Members now also have the ability to exchange files (pdfs). All you need to do is attach the file to the message. The member will receive a notification, and within the message will be the download link, see example below.


Please note, the message, and file will self-destruct after 24-hours. This is to save space on the server, as we do have to watch space. As always, and in line with our rules, new members do not get access to the PM system, until they have made 5-posts.

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