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[Solved] Searching the forum and blog

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If you wish to search the forum or blog for specific information, you need to use the site search engine.

As Radios-TV Vrat is a responsive site, meaning the page presentation adapts to the device you're using, therefore things appear in slightly different places depending on the device used. If you're on a PC, MAC or Linux etc using a browser at or near to full screen, the search box is is located on the right-hand side of the page at the top of the sidebar-menu. If on a tablet or mobile swipe down and directly after the forum stats, you will see the search box.

I removed the old forum core search engine which quite frankly, was poor and that's an understatement. In its place is the embedded, custom,  site specific 'Google engine'. In my opinion it looks better and more importantly, works better by returning excellent results from googles indexing of the site.

Those of you familiar with the search engine at UKVRRR will feel at home as it uses the exact same technology. The other added bonus is it searches not only the forum but the blog as well.

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2019 6:41 pm
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