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New Radios-TV service launched today

Access is for registered members only. This service allows for live, dynamic chats to take place, when a threaded forum discussion is not appropriate or suitable. Members also have the ability to initiate their own private one-to-one chat rooms. You must be logged in to view any of the sessions, public and private.

Public Chat

There is a public area called "RatChat", a free-for-all room, for all members to partake

Private Chat

Ratters can use the membership directory, on the right, to search and locate a particular member, then invite them to a private chat room. Just clicking on the member will automatically open a new private chat room. Anything typed in the rooms are private, even from me!

General Info

All messages, files and images shared either in the public or your private rooms, are cleared out every 24-hours.

When online you will hear audible alerts, If you are offline, notifications are sent via e-mail informing you that you have received a new live chat. These are sent every hour.

Members might find this service useful, I know I will.

I have previously, brainstormed TV projects with john in a real-time chat environment. This achieved by the use of Facebook Messenger, a service I will be ceasing to use. Via that tool we shared ideas, files, images, and even video in a scratch-pad type environment, before then bringing the coherent results to a forum thread.

This new service is not there to replace the forum, nor the private messaging system, but to complement them both. Others may find this new service of similar use, just as John and I found using external services very useful. The difference now, is this can all be achieved within the ecosphere of Radios-TV VRAT. 


Topic starter Posted : 05/02/2022 1:38 pm