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F.I.O. [Solved] Thread Titles; Making your content found

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On more than one occasion I've been asked via private message or the contact page where a particular thread is, as the member could not find it. Thankfully, I have an elephant type memory for threads and can mostly help when they describe what it is they're looking for.

A prime example is this thread, I've lost count the number of times I've been asked where that thread is, I've now changed its original title from:-


  • "Recreating the 1980s! 625 lines lives again"


  • "Multiview T35 Freeview receiver and modulator"


An excellent thread but I hope you can see, the original was a poor (no disrespect intended) use of a title, now its more relevant to the device being discussed. I've also added to the 1st post, "Topic Tags". Members should consider making use of these as well, to aid their content.

For the thread in question, this now means any subsequent posts will reflect the new title, but all previous posts except the 1st will have the old misleading title.

With 13 pages there's no way I'm going back over hundreds of posts changing each individual post title. There is a way to do that but it would mean all the posts get re-timestamped to today's date and I don't wish that to happen. Therefore, to further assist I've also made that thread a sticky. It should now be easier to find.

Finally, this is a prime example that members should make sure where possible, they choose a relevant title for a thread. You never know if the content you're creating is going to become a hit, so its best to 'err on the side of caution'.

Tip; Creating Content: Help get your content found.
Think long term, use good titles and make use of topic tags. This and much more is covered in our membership guide, see here. The first section "Making Yourself Heard", covers what is discussed here.

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Posted : 04/05/2020 8:15 am