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[Solved] User @mention Feature

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Some of you may be aware of the @mention feature on other platforms like Twitter and modern forums, this feature is now enabled here. When making a post you may wish to draw a particular members attention to it, this is achieved by inserting @nickname. Where nickname is shown in brackets under the users forum avatar. 

Example Post

Hi,  whilst probing widget one, on circuit board five, a big puff of magic smoke appeared @crustytv had a similar fault but I cannot remember what he did to rectify it.

The "mention" will send crustytv an e-mail stating he has been mentioned in a post and it will contain a link to that post. The mention in the post gets turned into a link to the mentioned users profile.

Your nickname appears under your avatar in brackets, examples shown below


If you're not happy with your nickname you can change it via "profile" and select "account". Change it and save it  (see below). It does make sense though to keep it the same as your forum name, makes it easy for folk to mention you.

Topic starter Posted : 10/03/2018 10:35 am
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