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Megger BR3 Bridge Megger

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This is like a regular Megger apart from being somewhat larger with a second center zero meter and bridge with a very well build decade unit in it. The cosmetic condition is excellent.

It is basically working but not without issues :(
The function switch was very stiff and needed quite a bit of fiddling around to get is working again.
The multiplier switch on the decade unit was seized solid and required complete removal in order to free it up again.
One of the knob screws shattered and split the knob :(
This ended up being another Bakelite repair but at least this time I had the broken bit so it is a lot more straightforward than the last one I had to do with just a little bit of epoxy.
The insulation meter is of open construction and great care must be taken when working on this instrument.
I am looking for a manual so that I can strip down the generator and clean it out so that none of that rust gets in. It looks like it will need to be adjusted after strip down so for now I will have to let it bee.

Posted : 13/06/2013 11:19 pm
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Not exactly what you were looking for, indeed I think the company "Megger" had changed hands, but I have located a manual for a BR4

which may be of general use (mainly on operation) but could just be similar enough to allow you to find your way through the circuit.


hope this is of use

Jeremy (new user)

Posted : 07/12/2022 7:07 am