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1977 Kenwood A.363 Mini: Another Thorn Product

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As you all undoubtedly know by now I have a soft spot for Thorn products, their TV's and VCR's featuring quite prominently in my collection. Well today I added another little gem of theirs to the stable, this comes in the form of a Kenwood A.363 food mixer made by you guessed it, "Thorn Domestic Appliances".

What was even more incredible was it was unopened since 6th of July 1977,  bought 42 years ago and still waiting to see the light of day. It had to be done and yes that's the original packing tape sealing the box that had faded. I opened it half expecting 1977 air to come spilling out including all the nostalgia those days conjure up. Perhaps it had been bought to make a celebration cake for the Queens Silver Jubilee, we will never know why it remained unopened.

Inside the mixer was still all nicely packed with the user manual and the mains lead still coiled waiting for a plug. Yes back in those days you had to fit your own plug.  Might just have a go at making a Victoria sponge next week, don't suppose there's any point sending off the guarantee card.

Thorn had their fingers in many pies...... Oooooo bad pun sorry ? 

Some photo's for those keen to see something a little different from radios & TV's a Vrat.

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That's a deluxe version. There was another came without the stand and mixing bowl. I squirted contact cleaner into it and failed to leave it long enough to dry properly before switching on. The resulting fireworks display was very spectacular but the mixer never ran again.

Posted : 21/04/2019 10:51 pm
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I remember my Mum used to have a mixer like that, I can't remember what make though.

It was mostly replaced by a Kenwood Chef, but kept around for doing little mixing jobs that didn't require the Chef.


Posted : 21/04/2019 11:13 pm