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Interesting old thread about Tetrode and Pentodes

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Looking through an older section of the forum I came across this interesting thread. I have not read it all yet but will be sitting down with a cup of tea to enjoy it. Other types of valves are discussed all by knowledgeable members.



Topic starter Posted : 21/10/2020 9:30 am
Till Eulenspiegel
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There was a discussion on the other forum about the PL36 and PL81 line output valves. Very early production PL81s were pentodes but later on the valve was redesigned as a beam tetrode.  The PL36 has always been a beam tetrode.

Till Eulenspiegel.

Posted : 21/10/2020 9:53 am
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On the original thread one comment by Steve (Synchrodyne) registered with my memory:

I was under the impression that GEC-MOV developed the kinkless tetrode with aligned grids, etc., but assigned initial manufacturing rights to RCA because it though that the precision required was beyond its immediate capability.

Yet I believe they did end op manufacturing them.

Anyway, that thread is a very good read.

Posted : 16/12/2021 9:26 pm