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Tech Chat Modern "green" regs, fluorescent lights.....

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So the other day I got a stack of around 20 fluorescent strip lights (and some very early LED battens) from a commercial premises electrical bin near me. (WEEE regs etc so I point blank ignored them by asking if I could have them but meh - life goes on!)
Most are 10 year old TAMLITEs but some are the ancient 1970s Crompton/Thorn battens with their magnetic ballasts, that are a bit like cockroaches and seem to live forever - and of course work fine.

image 2022 06 27 124639339

Now, one thing I just don't understand. In March 2023, new EU regs forbid fluorescent lights from being used in commercial premises, so conversion to LED is on the cards for most businesses.
But this lot have had their ballasts cut out, so they've most likely been retrofitted with LED tubes anyway. So where exactly is the cost-saving (or energy saving) in throwing these away wehn they basically just become a lamp holder, and fitting a new LED Batten with, (most likely) non removeable tubes meaning they'll likely have to replace the whole fitting when it fails. 

Doesn't make any sense to me! Not to mention disposal of the old tubes, and led tubes, and factoring in cost and fuel etc for someone to supply and fit the new lamps to the premises. All adds up imo!  Call me stupid, how can generating more waste when something is entirely serviceable be better for the environment 

But there we go. About 20 here for various friends garages, and another 10 to come..

Incidentally, anyone who wants to stock up on tubes are best to do this asap. 6ft seem to be the first to vanish, and are obsolete. Screwfix/Toolstation are wantin £7 ish each, Farnell of all places are the cheapest by far with 3500k 6ft tubes for less than a pound each.. So i've got 20 for £20.46 posted. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/06/2022 12:49 pm
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This is something I've noticed too - new LED battens seem to have a strip of LEDs mounted to a metal strip behind a diffuser and if they fail, it's a whole new fitting. Some of them are incredibly flimsy too! I grabbed some 6ft. battens years ago when one of the Sport sets was replaced, and I noted that TLC sold 6ft replacement LED tubes so I bought some. As they have magnetic ballasts, apparently the tubes are a direct replacement.

The only replacement I can't find a tube for is a 1960s GEC fitting that took a 35mm diameter tube which can't be replaced by modern types.

Posted : 27/06/2022 1:29 pm