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New community radio

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Three new community licences have been awarded in the Northampton and surrounding area. The Ofcom document states they will be on FM, no frequencies given unless I missed those.

The Embrace website states DAB so we shall have to wait. I am not in the area but any members who are may like to check them, may be worthwhile.



Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2020 2:51 pm
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The licence for the radio station itself is a separate application process to the Wireless Telegraphy licence (for the FM/DAB TX) and in some cases isn't held by the same organisation (some stations outsource transmitter provision to contractors), so the exact frequencies would not be known until the stations have got that part completed (can take a few months, although some stations don't even make it to this stage in spite of being allocated a licence)

Its starting to become common (for stations who can afford it) to use both FM and DAB+, I know the young lad I work with at Felixstowe and ICR wants to get a mux for both (and maybe some others) when small scale DAB arrives here but there isn't an available WT licence for our area yet..

BTW he's done a really impressive job keeping both stations on air during Covid19 by setting up various IP streaming links for presenters home studios and a specialist Linux system to manage this use of streams as uplinks to the main transmitters (which is being run out of his bedroom at the moment!)


Posted : 23/07/2020 5:06 pm