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Memorabilia Telefunken

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Rarely available, I managed to find a 1972 Telefunken Brochure, one day I'll find a TV.

In due course I'll get the brochure scanned for the "Brochure" section of the website. For a few teasers, the "Acusta" Hi-Fi at the end of the brochure is very impressive.

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Topic starter Posted : 27/03/2021 1:44 pm
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It will be good if you can find a TV, but I only ever recall seeing one in action as originally they were relatively scarce. Guess what, in my 'yellow-folder' I still have the 1971 Telefunken 709 chassis service manual. It covers PALcolor 740 as referenced in your brochure, also 640T, 720T, 730T, and 760T.

If you need a copy, I will scan and upload when the backlog (caused by Windoze!) has been cleared. Having used Linux for the past 18months, I had forgotten how frustrating M$ is, but will see if the scanner software will work under WINE.



Posted : 27/03/2021 2:58 pm
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@crustytv Well done that man!

I have fond memories of Telefunken sets and still wish I had one to play with.


Posted : 27/03/2021 8:16 pm