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I've just treated myself to a new testmeter. My old one is over 30 years old and has served me very well but has now become somewhat unreliable. Since good meters can now be purchased for a reasonable price, I decided that it was time for a replacement. it arrived today and I've had a couple of hours to play with it. I was trying to convince myself that the included Bluetooth function was a Really Useful Feature......still undecided on that! Anyway the meter itself is very good and comes with a better set of leads than most, except for the best, come with. They include shrouded crock clips. The meter and the leads have a Cat III rating. All the usual functions are included and it comes with a 'K' type thermocouple. AC and DC up to 1000V and it's also true RMS which my old meter wasn't

Current up to 20 Amps which is way beyond anything I usually deal with. Resistance up to 200 megohms, capacitance and frequency yet to be tried although I rarely use capacitance on a multimeter except maybe for a quick check, much preferring to use the Marconi bridge.

Now the Bluetooth function....I didn't buy it for that by the way, it's just included. Just for the hell of it, I downloaded the App onto the phone and then paired the phone with the meter. Basically the phone then becomes an extension of the meter giving remote control of the functions and showing the same as the meter display. It does work and I suppose it has a use if you are monitoring a temperature rise or voltage variation and don't want to be tied to the bench or get called away but want to keep an eye on things. I can't see the point of being able to change input functions since you have to be there to change the leads over.... Another feature is being able to hook it up to a computer via a USB bluetooth dongle. Apparently you can plot graphs, again useful I suppose if monitoring temperatures or voltage variations over a period of time. I doubt I'll ever use either of those functions but you never know. The USB bluetooth dongle is an optional extra so it's even less likely that I'll use it!

Not bad for just under £65 and compares favourably with my old meter that cost £80 30 years ago....

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Posted : 02/11/2022 10:21 pm
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