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Tek 585A and HP334A

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Dr Wobble
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Thanks to the two Mikes, (Mike Crackle and Mike Cathodevisor ) I got two bits of vintage test gear yesterday.

A few months ago I bought the Tek 585A dual beam scope which Mike Crackle picked up from London for me, I powered it up today and as far as I can tell it's nearly 100% working. It looks like it will need some calibration and the usual switches cleaning which I won't do as I read somewhere Tek scopes don't like a certain cleaner. It's a big scope but is way better than any of my other scopes so will get used a lot. It has all the functions and more I'm ever likely to need - 100mhz, delayed timebase etc.

Again with the help of Mike Crackle I managed to get a HP334A distortion meter for a fiver. Powered it up briefly and all seems well. I'll have to read the manual first as I havn't used one before, but I have a fair idea of how it works.

Thanks to both their help I have a couple of bits of nice test gear that'll keep me happily mucking about with electrons for the next few years. A BIG thank you to you both,


Curiously curious

Posted : 09/12/2015 1:20 pm
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Its good news to hear that the scope is working, it makes it all seem worthwhile, it is a biggun though.


Posted : 09/12/2015 3:24 pm
Brian Cuff
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Excellent, Andy.
That's the 'scope that I cut my teeth on in 1959. I joined the BBC in B'ham and first went to maintenance in BH on Carpenter Road. The S.Tel.E. gave me a 'scope with its operations manual and a feed of Test Card C (also with its manual!) and told me to learn the operation inside out and that he would test me in a couple of day's time. He did and I passed :) . That was one of the most useful two days I spent in my first few years. A 'scope was like a bricklayer's trowel for fault finding! A great bit of test kit - I sold mine about 5 years ago.

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Posted : 09/12/2015 3:48 pm
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I see it works then, Andy! :aad

Posted : 09/12/2015 3:52 pm
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I have the same distortion analyser. It works well. It replaced a Heathkit one I had previously. I can't really see much difference between the two instruments to be honest.


Posted : 09/12/2015 4:22 pm
Dr Wobble
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This TeK585A is different to other scopes I've used but I'm getting the hang of it, one thing I don't like about it,is the small graticule - only 5 squares vertically. It has a good feel to it though, the controls are very sensitive and not sloppy. As others have said, it doubles as a heater which with the WS being a bit cold is a plus.

Been busy the last few days trying to build a valve amp so hav'nt tried the distortion meter yet but will report back when I do.


Curiously curious

Posted : 11/12/2015 11:01 am