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Hello again from Ipswich, Suffolk

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Was on here a few years ago, maybe a "young whippersnapper" (but probably a bit older now!)

Rediscovered the new site whilst chatting online to a friend of mine who lives in NE England about the electronics industry in his region and searching for info about old hi fi, also the return of Radio Caroline to the airwaves last year inspired me to start using some of my "old" transistor radios again (I got another one for my 46th birthday, a Bush TR-230, made in 1972, which worked immediately once I sourced a PP9).

Also got a another radiocassette from the 1980s (and more modern ones) - since last time I was on here I started volunteering at the local community radio station, so I monitor Band II as well..


Topic starter Posted : 19/05/2018 12:47 am
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Hi Alex, welcome back  ? 

Posted : 19/05/2018 8:51 am
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