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i'm a bit bored at the moment as my golf club has been closed for over a week due to the effect the constant rain has had on it. I like to keep myself busy, so I look for things to do.

So I thought I'd share this, maybe someone will be interested.

At the age of nineteen, in 1960 my future wife and I moved into a flat in Soho. We frequented the coffee bars, mostly late at night when they were quieter as most visitors had had to catch the last tube home to the suburbs. We were also members of Ronnie Scotts first club.

So I've always had a fascination for vinyl jukeboxes. Raising a family, I could never afford to own one. But once retired I could indulge myself. So I've two. They aren't "silver age," one's from 1969 the other from 1976. I've had them for well over a decade.

They live in our summerhouse I built at the bottom of the garden over thirty years ago. A compromise with my wife as we only live in a small semi and my "toys" have to live in our front room, these include my vintage hi-fi, Yamaha Tyros 5 electric piano and Yamaha tenor sax.


Ii's as much  about choosing the record, pressing the buttons, hearing the whir of the carousel and the noise of the gripper arm placing the record on the turntable, the "pop" as the amplifier mute comes off, the noise of the stylus tracking in and the anticipation before the recording begins.

Most of the records in this one are Motown or similar. But I picked this up on eBay last year for about three quid, I've always liked it. Lots more examples on my YouTube channel.

I do have the next best thing in our front room,



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There was a often a vinyl juke box in branches of the clothes shop C&A, I remember these being around in 1985/1986 - usually late 1970s designs (not with visible mech), I think they might have been Seeburg. I also remember (what I think was a Bel-Ami, 1950s/60s era with visible mech) in a cafe at Penang Airport, Malaysia in 1978 (when I went there with parents to visit our relatives)

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The Bal-Ami jukeboxes that looked like a goldfish tank were made under licence by Balfour engineering in Ilford.

They were a copy of the AMI F.

In the immediate post-war years, jukeboxes could not be imported from America.  Anything manufactured, had to  be  53% locally British made.

There were American made jukeboxes around, those originally on US airbases sold off  before the Yanks went home.

There was a wholly made British Jukebox maker in Lytham St Annes called Ditchburn.

In the second half of the fifties, the import restrictions were relaxed and we started to see the "silver age" machines imported from America, those with lots of chrome similar to that on American cars of the era.

There's an up-market  furniture store in Macclesfield called Arighi Bianci. We've bought stuff from there.

The owner is a jukebox enthusiast.

He has at least four in different areas of the store, in room settings and one outside the reastaurant. all immaculately restored. It must have cost him thousands for them to be rebuilt to this standard.

They are on "freeplay" for male customers to play whilst their wives spend their money.

I took a few photos when we were last there a few years ago.

Here's an example. A 1955 Wurlitzer 1800

Wurlitzer 1955 1800

Here's another, an AMI I from 1958.

Ami i 1958


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