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Bush BD1851 (VHF61 Clone) DAB

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Well, not quite a vintage radio but I just thought folk might be interested in this recent "Bush" offering, (OK badge engineering) its the BD1851. As far as retro DAB approximations go, its a pretty fair capture of the original VHF61 (see photos below). Where the magic eye should be they've placed the source indicator (DAB, FM, Bluetooth), not sure why the neglected to add the Bush logo to the speaker cloth, maybe licencing? I would have thought that would have been a nice touch to have included. I think I have an original scrapper in the loft somewhere, not sure if the logo is still on it but if it is I might just fit it to the DAB. Edit: No just checked, the one in the loft is a VHF70 so no removable logo.


My son bought me this for Christmas, for my workshop. There's not much on DAB I like listening to except Heart 70's, the feature I enjoy using thje most is streaming my own tunes, old radio dramas and of course test card tunes via Bluetooth.

I already had a Goodmans GSR1889DAB for the dinning room, the sound on that is phenominal.

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Most of my listening is DAB, occasionally streaming from my music library or the internet to Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

It looks a decent representation of the original and what is more important your son bought it for you so it’s special.


Posted : 27/12/2020 1:31 pm
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