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Civic R4501-111

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Has anyone seen a radio like this, it seems it is Hungarian. There is an example of a similar model in the radio museum. ... r_490.html
It has had the mains cable changed to a modern 3 core and there are signs that someone has been twiddling. Valves are ECC85 ECH81 EBF89 ECL86 EM87
It has LW,MW, SW (6 to 18Mhz), FM (88 to 108MHz) so seems fairly modern. In fact probably more modern than most of my transistor sets if the VHF coverage is anything to go by.
The cabinet is a bit sad with minor signs of delimitation damage and discoloration caused by damp.
There are some caps, which I first thought were lamp lenses (strange), over the wave change switches at the back of the chassis which turned out were to hold the return springs in place. Some have been made of red or yellow plastic and have broken, there is also 1 metal cap which looks like it is original or may have been of another similar model.
I reckon it should sound good as the elliptical speaker looks quite good quality (or at least it should be when I fix its baffle back into the cabinet) and is a reasonable size.
The set is working on MW, but seems to lack sensitivity, I have not tried the other wave bands yet as I am waiting for some glue to dry on the spring caps.

I wonder if anyone has service information for it, it would be most useful if I have to re-twiddle the alignment.










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Hungary, like Poland, had a lot of input from Philips.

The one you have there looks like a Unitra to me, but it also looks like the Civic you provided. I've got one of those here and they do sound good. The one on the link has a tweeter as well.

The IF is usually 465 kHz - well that is what I set them too and it works!

They were brought over here and sold at the Civic stores in London (in the case of mine) and through catalogues. The Eastern European countries carried on with Valve sets for quite a while after we stopped them and they do give very good results.

Make sure the grid capacitor is in order as the ECL86's don't like it and they will fail very fast.

Good set!


Steve P.

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The mention of the Hungarian Orion radios, early in this thread (some seven years ago!) reminded me.

We called them, "that Irish radio."

We had a delivery of this particular one around 1964. I went on-line and actually found one for sale on eBay.

s l1600

I didn't think much of the quality of the keys and dials at the time being very flimsy plastic, nowhere near the quality of those on my Bush VHF 64. I didn'tr thonk they'd last.

This one has lasted well, given that it must be about 58 years old.


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