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Dial Glass for Bush DAC90A

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Hi all

Only joined today. I am trying to source a good condition (no flaking) or reproduction dial glass for my DAC90A I am restoring. Can any offer a reliable source to obtain one? I am kicking myself because despite being ultra careful trying to gently clean the original. Some of the fine detail flaked away. So annoyed because it was in good condition, just filthy dirty. 

Many thanks 


Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2020 4:19 pm
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Hi Spamhead, welcome to the forum.

You can buy a reproduction one here for £20 +shipping, I suspect they just do what many of us do, see below.


Alternatively why not consider doing what many of us have had to resort to, namely printing our own.

All you need to do is clean of your existing dial thoroughly, removing all the previous paint. Then attach to the rear your newly printed scan, it works remarkably well.

To find the scan go to our Blog page, the link is up top "Radios-TV". Once on that page scroll down and you will see blocks. One of those blocks is "Radio & Audio Service", it's the 8th one. Click on the Audio contents list, then the index, you will then see a link to dial scans. Click on this and you will find yourself in our dial scan service, all our scans are freely available. You will find four versions of DAC90a scans available for preview or download.

Posted : 25/04/2020 4:42 pm
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Thanks crustytv. Thats exactly what I did. Found him after I posted. total for version 2 glass was £31 inc the shipping. 

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2020 3:15 pm
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