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Radio Good things come to those who wait! GEC BC4050

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And I’ve waited a long time too, since 2009 in fact!

I bought this rather nice GEC BC4050 a very long time ago, for all of 99p, I was the only bidder! Not surprising really, it might as well have been an empty case, it seemed to have been robbed of nearly all of its wound components, total list of missing parts:

  • mains transformer
  • output transformer 
  • choke
  • speaker
  • both IF transformers
  • all the valves

So quite a bit missing! Amazingly they had missed the oscillator coils hidden under the chassis! Earlier this week I was trawling good old eBay and spotted a listing for 3 transformers from a BC4050! It was only the mains, output TX and choke! I hit the buy it now faster than I ever have before, and they arrived just the other day.

The mains transformer had some damage, looked like something had bashed it at some point, but it was easy to repair as it only affected the top 2 layers, and the winding was of thick wire, the bottom layer just needed re-insulating, which I just dribbled some varnish onto, the top layer needed more attention, the wire had become thinner where it was damaged, so I wrapped some more wire round the damage and soldered it, then insulated it with Kapton tape. With that done it was time to stick them on the chassis, now the radio is starting to take shape!

This will be another long winded project, much like the A22...



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772AA96D D86A 443B B8D0 D9C834DA973F
375A7422 42E8 4CF9 8ED3 A47B469B5400
8AAC9CEF 56D3 424E B910 EB729A680F13
3314099B D110 4E6B AC12 FCC9181C2255
5EAD550B 02EE 4E31 9B26 655FDAA26786


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