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Radio Old Half Inch Ferrite Rods.

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ferrite rod man
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Hi from Peter in Sheffield

Can anyone help me? I am trying to find some old ferrite rods that are half inch (12.7mm) in diameter and are six inches long or more.

I need them for a Radio project I am doing and will pay good money for them.

Posted : 24/10/2023 5:27 pm
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Can't help I'm afraid but I'm wondering if your the same man who used to advertise in PW years ago? It always fascinated me what all the rods were needed for.


John Joe 

Posted : 24/10/2023 9:06 pm
ferrite rod man
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HI John from peter

Yes its me I found out a long time ago that the old half inch ferrite rods a lot of them give a higher Q on the MW and LW bands than the 3/8s rods give I do a lot of DX on the MW and LW bands but the half inch rods are getting very hard to find now back in the 1980s and 1990s they were much easier to find but not now  I have got a transistor radio that takes a half inch ferrite rod and it has got the MW and LW coils in the set to take a half inch rod but I have found out over the years that not all half inch ferrite rods are the same. sum of them are very good a lot better than a 3/8s rods and can bring in a distant station on the MW band from the US a better up to 20db better then the 3/8s rods.  Best regards from Peter tankard.

Posted : 25/10/2023 8:05 pm
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Sounds interesting Peter. Forum user Murphy V310 has experimented with a ferrite loop. I think he had good results on top band with it. If you can it would be interesting to hear more, probably best to start a new thread in the relevant section though.

Posted : 26/10/2023 6:42 pm
Michael Dranfield
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@linescan87 exactly what I was wondering.

Posted : 27/10/2023 5:00 pm
Pye Man
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I remember making a PW project in the late 1960s using a home wound coil on a ferrite slab. It may well be around here somewhere but I don’t think I’ve seen one since.


Posted : 27/10/2023 6:32 pm
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There is plenty on the internet about ferrite loop antennas. Unfortunately there is now little point as medium wave is quickly dying, Bauer are closing a number here in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the north of England, there are rumours that some further BBC cuts are likely on AM in 2024. 

Back to the ferrite sleeve antenna I've even transmitted on top band and 80  meters with about 20 watts, any more and my one will saturate.


Posted : 18/11/2023 10:29 pm