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Another item at the bottom of the drawer, the Panasonic Walkman travelled with me around the UK, this was in my luggage when overseas. It’s palm size so takes up little room, the speaker is tiny so no quality but on earpieces it’s decent and very easy to listen to. I bought it for the SW bands although in Europe the MW and VHF came in handy. 
So I put two AA batteries in and gave it a test, VHF worked well but inside the house the AM bands were just interference. Outside in the garden the interference went and stations on MW and the higher SW bands came through nice and clear. I tested it outside at 11am so the lower SW bands had nothing but would probably be ok after dark.

Another bit of nostalgia, it will be put back in the drawer without batteries.


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Posted : 07/04/2024 10:11 am
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