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Went out for a bit of a ramble around some of Horncastle's antiques shops yesterday, and came across this rather cute little Roberts Rambler! I picked it up half expecting the price tag to say something daft like 50 quid, but was pleasantly surprised it only said £6.50, so it had to come home with me! I shouldn't really be buying any more radio's, I have way too many, and don't really use them at all, but I thought hey ho, it's only small, and cheap too...




There was even a PP9 sat inside it, unfortunately someone had left the set switched on with the volume down, so it was as dead as a doornail. Never mind, it's a plastic cased one, so I can hack it open at some point and fit a 6 X AA cell holder to it. I have some PP9's in my Hacker Sovereign, they are 7 years old now! They still work too, shows how much I listen to the radio! I fitted one of them to the Roberts and pressed the MW button, turned up the volume and it worked! The tuning was very crackly, but I found Absolute radio ok, and after tuning up and down several times the crackles have subsided.


I set about giving it a clean and polish, to do that I took it to bits. Nice and easy to get the chassis out, pop the bottom of the case off, remove battery, un-plug speaker, loosen 2 screws holding what look like bits of cardboard to the side of the case, and slide the chassis out of the top of the case. Pull off the knobs, the 2 trims holding the tuning scale in pop off easy, and the scale lifts away. It was a bit dusty under the scale, I gave it a sweep with a paint brush. The scale got polished with Silvo (Brasso for silver and plated things), as well as the knobs.



I also removed the handle, and gave the end caps a polish. The badge was removed and cleaned too. I got some steel wool and rubbed down the sides, then rubbed in some Danish oil, as they had water-marks, and generally looked dull. The black rexine was given a polish with shoe-polish and buffed up. The piping detail at either end can also be pulled out, so that got cleaned too.

The set was then re-assembled, and looked good. One thing stuck out though, the speaker grille had scuffed up black stripes, and didn't look good at all! It also didn't help that I'd used foam cleaner on it earlier, and rubbed off even more of the black. Something had to be done! I had to mask off each line one by one, and repaint them. I used some insulation tape as masking, and used model maker's paint to redo the lines. It took ages, but it looks a lot better for it.



I'll have to get a photo of it with a proper camera at some point. Just for a bit of fun, and a complete experiment, here's a 3D/stereoscopic photo of it!


Ok, your all probably thinking 'what the hell is he mucking about at here then?' I downloaded an app on my iPhone that takes 3D pictures of things, your supposed to use some sort of viewer thingy that you plonk the iPhone into to view the pictures properly, but I have found that you can view them without, if you can relax, or 'dislocate' your eyes, so your seeing double, look at the 3D picture, and your eyes should work themselves out and 'sync' to the picture, which will look like 3 pictures side by side, with the middle one being '3D'...

Downsides to this experiment, the picture can't be enlarged above about 2"x4" (about iPhone screen sized) as you can't relax your eyes enough on anything bigger, and it may cause headaches if you look at it too long! Or, it might just not work at all!

Anyway, back to the radio, I think it's a lovely little set, and sounds good for a radio of this size. I have a Fidelity Rad19 somewhere, that is similar in appearance, it even has the same grille material!

One problem I can see coming from this is that I may end up with more than one, since there are several different colours! I quite like the green one, like Andrew has in his thread!



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Well done for the bargain of the week, and yours is the earlier version too.  thumb_gif

Posted : 21/04/2017 10:37 pm